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Outgoing NYC Major Announces Vaccine Mandate For All Employees Working in Multiple Employee Worksites

This week outgoing New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that all employers that have worksites in New York City with more than 1 employee will soon have to require such employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Although few details were announced, the Mayor confirmed the following in a press conference: employers will have to require such employees to receive their first dose of the vaccine by December 27, 2021, COVID-19 testing will not be a permitted alternative, and that additional details will be made clear when the City’s Department of Health issues guidance on December 15. 

De Blasio said he was confident the new vaccine mandate will be a success given how successfully owners of restaurants, fitness and entertainment facilities (Key to NYC businesses) have complied with the City’s requirement that employees and patrons age 12 and up of those facilities be vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVid-19 vaccine.  He also announced that by December 27, 2021, Key to NYC businesses will have to require employees and patrons age 12 and up to show proof of a second dose of a COVid-19 vaccine by December 27, and that children ages 5-11 will have to show proof of one dose of a COViD-19 vaccine by December 14 to enter a Key to NYC business.

De Blasio said he discussed this new vaccine plan for the rest of New York City’s employers with incoming Mayor-elect Eric Adams, who begins his term January 1.  It is unclear whether Mr. Adams will keep the Vaccine Mandate, void it or modify it when he becomes Mayor.

In the interim, employers with employees in NYC need to promptly take steps to get ready for these new vaccine requirements.