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New Law Prevents New York City Employers From Asking Job Candidates About Salary History

Job Candidates applying for jobs in New York City should have more flexibility in salary negotiations thanks to a new law going into effect October 31, 2017.  The new law, which amends the New York City Human Rights Law, makes it unlawful for an employer to ask  job applicants, their former employers or their agents for information regarding the job applicant’s prior salary history. It also bars New York City employers from relying on a job applicant’s salary history in determining the salary, benefits or other compensation to offer that applicant.

Supporters of the new law believe that job applicants who do not have to disclose their salary history when interviewing for a new job will be better able to secure a fair salary offer even if they were previously underpaid.  When he signed the bill, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio described it as necessary to increase the compensation of women and all individuals of color who are often underpaid compared to their white male counterparts.