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New Jersey Department of Labor Releases Complaint Form, Resources so Employees and Employers Understand New COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Rules

The New Jersey Department of Labor has released a great deal of information on its website for both employees and employers in connection with the New COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Rules that went into effect on November 5.  These new resources include an online complaint portal for employees to report employer violations, frequently asked questions for employees and employers on the new requirements, a sample health screening form that employers can use to conduct daily COVID-19 health checks of employees, the opportunity for workers to take a training course on the new requirements and to be paid by the state to do so, and training support for employers as well.

As explained in my former blog post, these new COVID-19 Workplace rules require employers that require or allow employees to be physically present at their worksite to implement specific requirements for mask wearing for employees and customers, social distancing, daily health checks of employees, procedures when employees have symptoms of COVID-19 and test positive for the virus, and employee and worksite cleaning, sanitization and disinfection.