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Employee Dissatisfaction with Employer’s COVID-19 Response Pushing Employees Out the Door

Employers certainly have had a huge number of issues to deal with during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If they haven’t handled those issues well, many are now facing a new challenge: difficulty retaining employees.  A new study from Execu-search reveals that 18 percent of employers across the country saw an increase in employees voluntarily quitting their jobs from October 2019 to October 2020.  A major factor pushing them out the door was employee dissatisfaction with the way their employer has handled the COVID-19 crisis. Indeed, 25 percent of employees surveyed said they do not agree with the way their employer has handled issues related to the pandemic. 

Although many employers are now gearing up to increase their headcount, those who don’t adapt to changing attitudes and expectations of employees will have a hard time filling those positions, commented Lisa Carver and Jennifer Hatton of Execu-search during a Morris Chamber Human Resources and Talent Committee meeting today.  Here are some tips they provided for employers looking to hire and retain a resilient workforce based on Execu-search’s survey of employers and professionals:  Focus on what employees want today: This includes things like flexible schedules and flexibility in their place of work (remote or at the office), a company culture that adapts to changing times, accommodations for working parents (family-friendly policies and childcare assistance), mental health support, and approachable, transparent and trustworthy managers. For the complete survey, go to