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CFOs Offer Tips for Resuming Work

Sobel Co offered great tips for companies to consider when planning to return employees to worksites on a webinar for CFOS today.   Here are some of the helpful takeaways from Ken Brown, CFO of Coronet LED, Phil Orsi, COO of control Associates, Inc. and Alan Sobel and Brad Muniz of Sobel:

Monitor cash flow more often and be in constant communication with suppliers and customers so you can anticipate and address problems collecting receivables.

Consult with legal counsel regarding testing employees and all return to work plans;

Although the state in which the business operates may not have issued guidelines for returning employees to work yet, start discussions now on these types of issues:

  • For businesses that manufactures products, assess how technology can automate certain functions and whether or not the business can create different locations for manufacturing to allow social distancing;
  • Determine what job functions actually need to be on site versus those that can continue to be done  remotely some or all of the time;
  • For job functions that can be done remotely survey employees. asses which employees want to return to work at the work site or continue to work from home and why, and consult with legal counsel before making decisions regarding who will return to work.
  • Assess if a department or part of the workplace needs more or less physical office space given functions that can continue to be performed remotely and to keep social distancing in place on site;
  • Assess how and whether to modify workplace layouts;
  • Assess what personal protective equipment to provide to returning staff and what HVAC issues need to be addressed;
  • Assess what materials such as plexiglass can be installed to separate workers;
  • How can employees’ schedules and meal breaks be revised so employees will be in different physical parts of the facility such as break rooms at different time; and
  • Assess how to follow government requirements to keep commonly touched workplace surfaces clean.