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The New Jersey Department of Labor just released guidance on its website explaining what state provided and required benefits employees can obtain due to due to absence from work due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This article will highlight these benefits.

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Coronavirus and its Impact at Work

Whether you are an employer or an employee, the Coronavirus is likely on your mind.

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NJ Fair Scheduling Law Proposed

This could help NJ shift workers in service jobs with a vexing problem -- being required to work patchwork schedules and getting hours cut at the last minute.  However, compliance will be very difficult.  Many small employers would likely honor this in the breach: 

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New Jersey Employers: Time to Rethink What is Neat and Professional

It’s understandable that employers want employees to come to work looking neat and professional.  But the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights just issued new Guidance that should prompt all New Jersey employers to examine whether such policies are discriminatorily affecting employees of a certain race or religion.  Concerned that employers’ policies on hairstyles might be discriminatorily affec

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3rd Circuit Refuses to Enforce Arbitration Agreements for Uber

Yesterday's appellate decision opens up Uber to wage & hour lawsuits by its drivers.  This will have a substantial impact.  Uber can no longer hide behind arbitration agreements (which is an easy way for large companies to virtually eliminate claims by workers and consumers) : 

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Employers Need a Workplace Violence Plan

Shooting and other violent attacks are unfortunately becoming all too common, and the workplace can also become an unsafe place.

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MFG Files Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit for Nurses in Bergen County

September 2, 2019 - Our firm has filed a race discrimination Class Action on behalf of Nurses working at the Bergen County Health Care Center, as reported in Bloomberg:

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Seminar: Sexual Harassment in the Age of the #MeToo Movement

Stories about sexual harassment continue to dominate the headlines every day as the #MeToo movement has encouraged more and more women to report sexual harassment in the workplace.  Increasingly, such employees are expecting not only a swift, effective investigation and job protection, but also significantly more transparency and accountability from their employers.  Unfortunately, many employe

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New Jersey Employers Will No Longer Be Able to Screen Job Applicants Based on Salary History

Acting New Jersey Governor Sheila Oliver signed a new law yesterday that will prohibit employers from screening job applicants about salary and wage history before the employer makes a hiring decision.  The law aims to focus the job screening process on an applicant’s skills, qualifications, and experience, and to stop prospective employers from offering lower salaries to applicants based on how

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