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Court Shuts Down Federal Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

A federal court in Louisiana has halted the federal government’s vaccine mandate for health care workers.

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North Carolina Jury Awards $10 Million to White Male in Race/Gender Discrimination Case

A jury in Charlotte, North Carolina has awarded a White male marketing executive $10 million in punitive damages in a race and sex discrimination case against his former employer. Plaintiff David Duvall alleged that Novant Health, Inc. violated state and federal discrimination law by terminating him despite his strong performance, solely for the purpose of promoting diversity.

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Creating Fake Documents To Avoid Your Employer’s Mask Or Vaccine Requirement? Be Prepared To Lose Your Job And Go To Jail

Lately there have been more and more new reports of employees creating or obtaining fake documents to get out of employer mask and vaccine requirements.  Doing so not only puts your job in jeopardy and puts others at risk of getting COVID-19 from you, but it could also land you in jail.

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Large Employers, Many Healthcare Entities, Federal Contractors and Federal Workers Must Get Vaccinated or Undergo Weekly COVID Testing Under New Presidential Plan

On September 9, President Biden announced that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") will be requiring employers with 100 or more employees to require their employees be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine or show a negative weekly COVID-19 test.  The move is part of the President's multi-pronged COVID-19 Action plan 

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NJ Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines For All State Workers, School Personnel, and Workers in Certain Health Care and High-Risk Settings

New Jersey Governor Murphy announced new COVID-19 vaccine requirements today for a large number of workers in the state.

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President Biden Aims to Limit Non-Competes

President Biden wants the Federal Trade Commission to limit non-competes.  If this actually happens, this would be a huge relief for employees who wind up facing months or years restricted from pursuing the industry-specific job they want due to overly restrictive non-compete agreements. For now, it is unclear exactly what the FTC will do.

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Changing Jobs? Read the Fine Print

Are you about to accept an offer for a new job?  Congratulations! Watch Lisa’s video to get these important details in writing.

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EEOC Updates Guidance on Employer Policies Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines and Other Accommodation Issues

On May 28, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) updated its previously issued guidance addressing COVID-19 vaccines.

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Mask Up or Maskless? NJ Employees Face New Rules

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphey relaxed numerous COVID-19 restrictions in New Jersey in recent weeks due to the significant success in vaccine distribution and reduction in COVID-19 transmission and hospitalizations in the state. This changes the rules for employees and employers with regard to masks and social distancing at work as well as work from home rules.

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